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You are probably asking why you need to hire a scrapbooker or even better yet why you should hire me.  Well, let me tell you a few things about why you may need scrapbook help and a little bit about me and let you decide.

Maybe you are a person that likes your friends or other family members’ scrapbooks, but you don’t know how to do the same.  Or perhaps you have bought stuff to try to start your scrapbook pages, but the pages seem bland, and you aren’t happy with the look.  What if you do have the skill to make a scrapbook but is just too busy right now and you can’t find the time to get any work done on your albums.

What if you want to give a gift of a beautiful wedding scrapbook, baby scrapbook, bridal shower scrapbook, or a scrapbook for any other special occasion?  Give the best gift ever, and they will remember you for it.

Custom scrapbooking is similar to many other service professions such as a cleaning service.  If you don’t like cleaning your home or if you’re too busy you hire a maid. If you want to have a large party or wedding you hire a party planner or wedding coordinator even if you usually do this type of thing for smaller parties.  Your septic tank is full, and it needs to be pumped out.  Do you try to do it yourself with your wet vac or do you call someone to do it?  Consider Scrapbooking the same.

Maybe you’re a super busy stay-at-home mom.  Running the kids to soccer, swim practice, horseback riding lessons, Piano Lessons, etc., and so on.  You have many activities going on that you have taken hundreds or thousands of photographs of and want them to be looked at and remembered.  They are sitting on your computer where no one but you can see.  Why not get those photos out, send them to me and let me make scrapbook pages for you.

Why Hire No Time to Scrap

Now I’ve answered why you need a scrapbooker so now I need to tell you why to hire me.  I have the desire to make beautiful scrapbooks for those that need them.  I am very trustworthy and honest.  There is no need to lie, cheat, or mislead people.  I will communicate often and will keep you up to date on the progress of your work.  You will help choose the colors, items and embellishments, and even the placement.

I have done my best to keep my prices fair.  I want to give everyone the ability to get pages done.  Unfortunately, I can’t control shipping costs.  I will figure out the exact value of shipping and never overcharge.

If you need to call and talk to me before you decide to use my services, then please do.  I will gladly answer any questions that you have.

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