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Basic Tools Needed for Paper Crafting

  • March 1, 2019 12:13 pm

Today I will go over the necessary tools needed for paper crafting.  These are the tools that I suggest that everyone have in their Tool Bag.  There are many other tools that you may use and acquire over time for more detailed paper crafting, but these are the most used for scrapbooking and card making.

Cutting Paper

Basic Tools Needed for Paper CraftingThe first thing you need if you are scrapbooking or making a card that is not from a kit is a paper trimmer.  It would be best if you had a way to cut the paper in straight lines; this is the easiest way to do that.  I use the Fiskars Paper Trimmer as an inexpensive and handy product.  I like how it has a ruler, so it is easy to use to cut paper in any measurement that you want, up to 12 inches.  The blades last a very long time, and the replacement blades are very inexpensive and easy to change out.

In addition to the paper trimmer, you need a good pair of scissors.  I have several pairs of scissors in different sizes and styles.  My go-to pair is the We R Memory Keeper spring-loaded ones, as they are easy to use and your hand doesn’t cramp.  I also have several other pairs of different types and sizes, depending on what I need to cut.  I even have tiny scissors that I use for fussy cutting.  Having a pair just for paper, some for ribbon, and some for fabric is not unusual.  You also don’t want to use your fabric scissors on paper.

Measuring Paper

Now that you can cut the paper, you will need to be able to gauge where you are placing items on your card or scrapbook page.  The Paper Trimmer has measurements for cutting the paper, but you will sometimes need a ruler to measure the placement of your photos and embellishments on your scrapbook layout or card.  I like the Tim Holtz Ruler because it is clear and can sit onto your project, and you can see through the ruler to help you place your pieces quickly.

Types of Adhesives

Now that paper has been cut, it is time to glue items to the page or card.  I will give you a wide range of adhesives to choose from.  Each one has good and bad points, and I use all of these all of the time.

The Scotch Tape Gun is a great tape gun to own.  I own it, and I love it.  It is a pricy item, but it is worth every penny.  The refills are not that expensive and can be tricky to put in, but once you get the hang of it, you will love this tape dispenser.  The Xyron tape dispenser is also suitable as it is smaller and lighter to hold.

I also use the Elmers set as I love having different types of glue options to use.  I love the Clear Dual Tip Glue Pen out of this set, and it has a tiny point for tiny drops and a larger end for more significant drops to glue down flowers and more oversized items.

Gun Scor-Tape is a high second if you can’t get the Scotch Tape.  I still use this product as it is easy to use, and I love using it for thin strips of paper or ribbons.


A great extra that I highly recommend is the Xron Sticker Maker to put adhesive on small pieces that would otherwise be hard to glue down.  There are also larger sizes of makers for larger projects, and I have the 1.5″ and the 5″ makers to choose from when creating projects.

The last adhesive that I think should be in every kit is some Zots.  They come in many sizes and thicknesses, and thick Zots help to give dimension to your layouts and cards.


The last few things I suggest to go in every kit are Sand Paper Blocks to distress the edges of paper and embellishments.   I also recommend the EK Craft Tweezers because they stay closed and grip your item until you squeeze them open.  These tweezers do not cause your hands or fingers to cramp by holding them closed.



These tools are the tools that I feel should be in every tool bag.  All of these tools are affordable for the beginner scrapbooker.  Feel free to shop for these items at your local craft store.  You may also follow the links and purchase on Amazon.  I will go over more tools for more advanced products in the future.


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