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The Process for Custom Orders

The Process for Custom Orders


The Process for Custom Orders is straightforward.  Just contact me and let me know what you need to be done.  I can do many things crafty.  Once you get me the details of what you want to be done, I will let you know if I can do your project.  I will even let you know a time frame and the cost.

For Tie-Dye Clothing

If you are interested in Tie-Dye Clothing that I do not currently have in stock, I will gladly make something for you.  Just let me know what size the clothing needs to be and what colors and patterns you would like for the dye to be.

For Scrapbooks

Do you need some help getting your scrapbook(s) together?  I can help you with small or large projects.

The first thing you need to do is look over this site.  See the types of pages that I have done in the past.  Be sure to check out all categories because you may like something on the Animals Page that you want to turn into a Wedding Layout.  Please make notes and write down the layout names, colors, and the different things that you like and the things that you dislike about the layouts.  This will help me make the pages the way you want them.

Second, Determine a budget for your project.  Budgets are significant; if you don’t know what you want and have a specific budget after looking at your photos, I will determine which page layouts best suit your needs and e-mail or call you with an estimated price quote.

The third thing you need to do is contact me by phone or e-mail.  I will be honest with you; e-mail works best for reaching me because I will have in your words what you want.  It will be much harder for me to “get things wrong” when you have written it all down and sent it to me.  I will gladly speak to you on the phone at any time.  When you contact me, we will discuss how many pages you want to be done and what options you want on the pages.

I will send a quote to you for approval with a work agreement to be signed.  The last thing to do is to get your deposit and photos sent to me so I can put you on the list.

Organize Your Photos

Sort and organize your photos into categories.  Please put a small number in the top left corner of each image on a piece of paper or in an e-mail, and add comments about the photos beside the number.  Please tell me which pictures you want to be put together on a page, any specific color options you like, what type of page layout you want, and give as much information about what you want as you can.   If you’re going to leave it up to me, that is ok too.  I need to have the different photos put into categories to know which ones were taken simultaneously, so I don’t mix two other days or events.

The next step is getting the photos to me.  You may e-mail them, post them to a site that I may retrieve them from, mail them to me, or send them to my local Walgreens.

If you mail photos to me, please put the pictures in groups and put them in a plastic bag or envelope.  Please do NOT write anything other than the number on the back of the images.  Consider insuring your package when you mail it – this option is up to you.  If sending the photos digitally or to the local Walgreens, please send an e-mail with images that should be grouped.

The pictures I receive are subject to cropping when putting them on a layout.  If you do not want your images to be cropped, please send copies of the originals instead.  For more information on cropping, see our FAQ Page.

If you send digital photos, I can crop them before they are printed out.  (printing the images will be an added expense but sometimes one that is worth it)

Page Descriptions and Costs

These prices are starting prices for pages created by No Time to Scrap.  You can use this as a guide to determine what your pages will cost to make.  The following prices are for 12 x 12, 8 ½ x 11, and 8 x8 scrapbooks.  6 x6 scrapbooks are ½ the listed price.

A Basic Page is a page that has just the photos matted.  These pages run $5.00 each or $8 for a layout (two pages), and the two pages will be the same colors.

An Expanded Basic Page is a page that has just the photos matted.  These pages run $8.00 each or $13 for a layout (two pages), and the two pages will be the same colors.

An Advanced Page is a page that has photos matted along with a title and paper embellishments that I can easily make myself.  This runs $12.00 per page or $20 for a layout (two pages).  The two-page design will be in the same colors.

An Embellished Page has purchased embellishments and extra background papers in several colors or printed patterns.  These pages start at $16.00 a page and go up depending on the cost of the purchased embellishments.  These pages can get quite detailed and fancy, and the more you are willing to spend, the more elaborate these pages can go.  You may buy embellishments and mail them with your photos, or you can let me buy them on my weekly shopping trips.

A Mosaic Page takes a lot of time to make the photos or the paper into the 1″ squares to fit perfectly on a page.  These pages start at $25 and go up depending on any additional embellishments added to the page.

Albums come in many sizes and colors and vary depending on what is purchased.  The average start price is around $20.  Albums are considered twenty pages — a front page, nine double-page layouts, and an ending page.  If you choose a three-ring Album, additional pages can be added easily.

Shipping I ship Priority Mail Flate Rate, and for a box large enough, the price is $20 with insurance.  (price may change due to postage at the time of shipping)


Any page layout can have a journaling spot.  I can leave a blank area for you to write in, or you can send me the wording, and I can type it and print it.  Journaling can be sent in with photos, or space can be left, and the words can be added at a later date.

Deposit and Payments

A deposit for one-half of the project will be noted in the quote and will be required to be put on the waitlist.  A customer agreement will also need to be signed, emailed, or mailed back to me before I can work on your projects.

Balance is due upon completion.  Once the project is completed, I will package your project and weigh it to determine postage.  You may make payments during the time I am working on your project.

Working on your Project

Before I glue anything down, I will send e-mails with photos of your layout.  If you do not like something, please let me know.  It will NOT hurt my feelings to take something off the page if you do not like it.  You are the one that needs to love the page.  Once you agree to the layout, everything will be glued down, and the next set of pages will be started.  The sooner you can get back to me on approval, the sooner I will get done with your package.

When everything is complete, I will e-mail you and let you know a shipping date.  Once your item is shipped, I will send you a tracking number.

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