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About Me Hi.  My name is DaNel (pronounced Duh Nail).  I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember.  I took lots of art classes when in elementary and middle school.  My mother signed me up for private painting lessons and LOVED it.  I started scrapbooking about 19 years ago when my horse was born.  I created pages, and they were horrible.  This was before YouTube, and websites where I could “find” help easily.  So I learned at the beginning with trial and error.

I started with a kit that I purchased (and I don’t even remember where I bought it from).  It was a kit for boys.  I bought some stickers and lettering in addition to what came in the package.  The best pages were the blocked pages that had places for photos to go.  I hated the pages.  The layouts were not as creative as the pages I had seen in books and magazines.  So I tried new things and started placing papers down and moving them around before gluing them down from that point forward.

Once I found a local scrapbooking store, I would take classes and learn how to do different techniques.  I would practice the things that I learned, and I went through materials because I was not perfect.  Sometimes I did a project element several times before it made me happy.  It is ok.

It has taken me a while to start this website where I could help you create layouts without going through the learning curve that I had to go through.  I know that there are other websites to look at and you may choose to look at more than one to learn how to Scrapbook.  I want you to feel comfortable

As this website grows, you will see more photos of different layouts that I have created.  Be sure to check out the Scrapbook layouts that I have already completed.  I will be going over the various techniques in the future.

I really hope that we can get to know each other and you love the things that I teach you.


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