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No Time to ScrapWelcome to No Time To Craft, where custom craft projects are done just for you.

No Time to Craft is expanding.  Many people want homemade decorations and other custom craft projects around the house but have No Time to do them themselves.

I will now work on any craft project for you.  Just send in a request, and I will let you know if it is something I can do and how much it will cost.  I am open to new projects.

If you are still a DIY crafter, I will be adding tutorials for some of my projects.  I will also post-sales for some of my favorite supplies and coupons when I get them.  Follow along to keep up with ideas, coupons, and new DIY projects to try.


custom craft projects

If you want to shop, we currently have Custom Scrapbooks, Tie-Dye Clothing, Shadowboxes, Wreaths, Memorial Ornaments, and Greeting Cards.

If you want to request custom craft projects, please contact us so we can get you a quote.








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