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Affordable Website Design for Small Business

  • February 15, 2022 2:36 pm

Do you need an affordable website built for your small business, farm, or hobby?  I create small custom websites starting at $250.00 and go up depending on the complexity of the site.

Sites that I have created:  (This website)


Once I complete your website, you have the option to have me maintain the site for $25.00 per month, or I can teach you how to keep your site updated.  If you choose to keep your site updated yourself, I will still be available to help you in the future.

I will work with you to get everything set up perfectly.

The Process

Let me know what type of website you are looking for.  I will give you a quote.  Once you pay for the website development and provide me with access to your hosting, I will get started.  It always helps if you look at other websites and write down what you like and dislike, so I have some ideas of what to make you.

Suppose you do not already have a hosting service, I recommend SiteGround.  I like it the best of all the services I have used over the years.  (If you purchase through the link provided, I make a small commission.)  Once you have your hosting, I will set everything up for your site and get started.

After your site is built, I will talk with you on the phone and walk you through the website and how it works.  I will also be available via email or texting for questions later on.






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